Top 4 Apps For Hooking Up

It’s 2015 and the modern romantic scene is definitely not what it was before – especially in the last ten years as smartphones have come about. Long gone are the days of asking girls for their numbers at bars – and having to write it down. Texting has pretty much replaced phone calls and sending sexy pics to potential hookups is as commonplace as ever. Even dating websites are seen as old-school nowadays, since the majority of people have access to a singles bar right in their pockets. The growth of dating and hookup apps has exploded, with people all over the world swiping left or right with the intention of getting it on. So what are the top hookup apps anyway? Here’s a list of apps that have shown great success in getting people laid as easily and as quickly as possible.


Pretty much the go-to app for finding casual sex, Tinder allows people to find singles in their area that may also have a Facebook connection to you. Therefore, the idea is that it’s a bit less sketchy that than random person on Craigslist. However, some people find the app to be a bit too much and end up finding themselves being semi-stalked by creepers. The other main complaint people tend to have is the fact that the app relies heavily on facial recognition to match people up, instead of allowing people to list more accurate details about themselves. The CEO of Tinder claims that the app is not shallow and simply utilizes existing technology to help people find who you want. Regardless of where you stand on tat debate, Tinder is definitely the app to get if you want to hookup now. Many people claim hundreds of sexual conquests from Tinder alone and refuse to look anywhere else.


Considered to be the top competitor to Tinder, OkCupid offers both a free app and website designed to help people find both hookups and long-term relationships – you can even find platonic friends if you want. People appreciate OkCupid because it tends to be slightly less sleazy than Tinder in terms of intentions, but at the same time this is one of the top hookup apps. There are over 33 million people on OkCupid, meaning there’s plenty of diversity in terms of age, race, sexual orientation and intention. The app has an easy to use interface similar to Tinder with the swiping system, except that this one has slightly more powerful matching algorithms. Give both a shot and see which one works best before settling on one – remember, only creepers are on every hookup app.


Skout is a great hookup app for Android users and iPhone users alike, but it’s definitely geared towards the former. The app lets users find people nearby, see who has viewed them or search the profiles for horny folks in your city. The big selling point for Skout is the fact that it works with certain wearables, including the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live – basically unheard of in the free dating app world. The main downfall to this site is that it has ads – you have to pay for Skout+ in order to rid your screen from the banners. This is a turn-off for many people, as bigger players like Tinder and OkCupid offer the same benefits without the irritation. If you do not mind ads (or are willing to pay) and you have an Android, then this app is definitely worth a shot. iPhone users may want to look elsewhere as Skout really wasn’t made for them anyways.


This free dating app is basically Tinder for gay and bi-curious guys – and works just as effectively. The interface allows people to swipe left or right in order to find horny hotties in their area and allows them to meet discreetly for some fun. Considered to be a must-have app, Grindr will get you laid basically whenever you want. The app features chat, the ability to seek out your perfect type (think twinks, bears, jocks, etc.) and of course have incredible sex. The issues with this free dating app is the fact that it’s not really free – there are ads that can only be avoided by an upgrade. However, this is the way that every free website and app is going so eventually people will just get used to spending a few dollars in order to free themselves from pop-ups and get right to the rock hard bodies.

Bottom Line

There are so many hookup apps out there that it can be mind-boggling. The best way to find the one that will give you the most success is to figure out and who you want before downloading. Lots of people want casual encounters, but that’s a pretty vague term. Wanting a random suck off in an airport is different than finding a regular fuck buddy. Do your homework, and then start doing it.

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