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Want to Hookup and yet have some class added to it? If Flirting is important for you to find a playmate then I have the answer to your prayers. Here are the top 6 Flirting Apps trending right now that will help you find you’re your flirt-mate right away. So rest back and read on more. So, let the flirting begin.

If your last search was anywhere around dating apps then you should start looking for a place to store away your dirty clothes. After trying some apps that removes any hazy lines in dating games, I am listing them here so you don’t have to beat around the bush and get straight to the chase. So get along to get on a good ride with these top 6 hottest Flirting Apps.






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How About We

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The best way to find a local Playmate- Happn didn’t take much time to reach a whopping 8.2 million users all over the world ever since it was made in France.

With over 850,000 users in the USA, Happn is just what you can bump on- if Tinder and Jaumo didn’t cut the right cake for you. If you have happened to walk past your probable partner in crime who also lives a couple of yards away, or who you saw at the local store, by all means, let Happn make it happen for you.

It is a big go-getter if you are a populated urban place. Happn is not a good news for those who live where it is less people-y.

How does it work? You get to text them when they have liked you back and also when you both are in the same location.  Also, you give up one credit when you text first.

Happn is easy to hunt in without being caught in a wrong way. Privacy is valued here. Happn uses GPS in a radius of 250 miles, and lets you know if you have crossed someone and also how many times you have crossed each other’s path as of late. Isn’t that what you just wanted? So don’t let feel lonely letting out a small sigh when your mission targeted walks past you in the gym. Who knows Happn may just make you both do it together… for good.


Download Tinder

“Tinder sucks.” Many says. But they still swipe away secretly. Is there any other reason why tinder is the king of online dating apps?

Celebrities or someone who you know in real life, everyone’s on Tinder. It can be both good and bad (You don’t want to be seen here by your cousin do you? It’s that popular). If you want to go grab a drink or need to spend a good time in a new city or find a date or to get yourself rolling- Tinder is the place to be. Now you know why it has over 50 million users worldwide… Want to get girls/boys drooling for you? Here’s Best Tinder Bios you can learn from!

How does it work? Don’t worry when I say it uses Facebook Authentication. It will never post on your feed about what you are feeding on while you’re tinder-ing away.

Tinder uses GPS so you don’t miss out on a good arm candy or your secret crush. If you don’t like a suggestion, then swipe them left. If you want them to want you too, swipe right. It’s that easy. You can add in great bios to get more likes. If who you have swiped right has liked you back, you will be notified. You can begin with your summer adventure right away.

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download Jaumo

Jaumo works like many other flirting apps that you have already heard of.  It will serve you the purpose that you want it to serve- To fish out a casual date or to have an unforgettable rendezvous

Jaumo is where you can meet new singles by liking them. If you do not like someone in the suggestions, you just have to press the X button. Jaumo has around 50,000 signups every day.

Jaumo is totally safe to use. Yes, you will have to use a Facebook account with your Jaumo account. Ensure that the database is having your pictures and doesn’t seem like a fake account. You do not want to miss out on a sizzling deal by getting deleted by Jaumo that automatically filters out any fake account. Don’t think that you will find any obscene account here either as Jaumo will immediately take down any account that shows off any obscene images.

Jaumo is also completely free and works both on Android and Apple users.

Whether it’s about finding a date to mate or to break your own flirting record or to meet some new faces, with this dating app, you can try out all flirting recipes till you or the other person drops down.


download OK Cupid

Whether it is about looking for a casual night out or to find some really great matches, Ok Cupid is the place to be. Here you can fill in more details than just your best pictures to be found by some really great people.

OK, Cupid has the swipe function that is similar to Tinder. With over 12x million users, Ok Cupid will let you get more information about the other person than Tinder. You can see their descriptions along with answered questions and get to know who you are going to spend your weekend with.

The paid version will let you get options and filters t6hat the free version. You can select your Body Type, filter attractiveness and a couple of other things in the premium version. The paid version will let you ask and answer to a certain type of question hence making you totally sorted.

OK, Cupid can be used by both Android and Apple users.


download how about we

How About we deal with all the things to do with dating. The media company developed its dating app with the same focus on getting people connected. How About We is the dating app that is for people who want less of chatting and more of the meeting.

To find your ideal weekend planner you have to muster up some fun and happening ideas about an ideal date- how it can be.

For instance, How About We…“ go somewhere with a really great jukebox and dance all night?”

Or if you want to find what you exactly need, How About We…“Make a pizza together and take it to the bedroom?”

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid reader or not. I bet you want to read about the hottie you saw on How About We.


download bumble

Some guys are really adorable out there but they do not know how to approach the girl they like. So if you are a surprise package with a shy cover don’t run away from infinite ways to have your package removed.

Ladies, this is truly your place to get the “Ladies first” honor.  Yes, you have to text the guy first so that they can talk to you. This is a great way that you get to choose the guy of your preference and see whether or not they will help you later to arrange the bed.

Get some by this dating app developed by the co-founder of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe has saved all of us from unwanted pics of trophies and bust from uninvited cheesy singles by creating something as simplified as Bumble.

It’s extremely simple to use and get along with just liking the girl’s profile. And if she feels the incoming rumble, she messages you.

You can Bumble both in Android and Apple. It’s also free.

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