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Perfect meltdown to your cravings; take a look at the top seven free dating apps that can redesign your relationship status.

Looking for Saturday date night partner? Well, we have got together some of the best-picked apps for you here. If you are an introvert, shy or a person who doesn’t socialize or even if you are not either of them, this webpage can become your bookmark’s friend because it holds the kind of information you have been looking for all the right reasons. It’s a place where we got together ten of the most widely used free dating apps for your convenience, get the perfect match done no matter what your cravings are.

On the contrarily all the recommendations are absolutely based on our personal experiences so be assured that your decisions are made on the apps which are used and tested by our employees to give you some exact information.


Download Tinder

Online dating took a new hike with the launch of tinder; guess there is absolutely no one out there who is unaware of this super popular app.

Does it really work??


Do I have to pay for it??


There is some really interesting static that reveals the reality about its users which will speak for themselves, it has over 10 million users out of which 54% are singles, 1.4 billion swipes, and 26 million matches every single day. Now that is some insane number work.

With certain figures, you can well understand how it interests people and there are uncountable stories of people finding their perfect match just be smart to choose and decide the best in order to get perfect results.

Note: make sure you put up correct opener to get the right match, it works Android and iOS both so its easier for any sort of operating system to run the app. Check out 100+ Best Tinder Openers, for both boys and girls.

Coffee Meets Bagel

download Coffee Meets Bagel

The concept of Coffee meets Bagel in crystal clear, in fact, more defined than tinder. It starts same as you will have to make a profile with your Facebook authentication after you complete your profile, you are suggested a bagel. The bagel is based on your facebook mutuality and it lasts for 24 hours.

If you like that bagel you will have to like her profile and if the bagel likes your profile then you will be able to chat with each other. In the beginning, the reason what we wrote about this app being crystal clear is namely that, the chats last for only one week after which it will be erased, so no point in wasting time if you don’t get along.

It’s absolutely free and widely used alternative for tinder if you like the person you can exchange your other social media links to get in touch, if you don’t, well, that’s the whole concept of being more defined and clear.

Note: Just beware of criminal and fake people who can destroy the fun and change a good experience into a completely different one and heads up if you are interested in this app, Have patience.

Plenty of fish

download Plenty of fish

This is another famous dating app also known as P.O.F by the users and it doesn’t follow any concept like Coffee meets bagel, it also doesn’t require facebook authentication so make sure you complete the profile. After which you can start texting another user you like, It uses the GPS system to locate the match for you according to your profile and location around you. This app is available for both Android and iOS both.

Note: Make sure not to use any false language or else you can get banned unless you really don’t care, and also be aware of fake profiles.

How about we

download how about we

This app tops the chart of Flirting app list and uses similar authentication procedures; To get you a match it asks few set of simple questions like what’s your favorite movie which you can skip if you don’t want to answer though profile picture is a must. This app works well on both Android and iOS to give you best flirting experience your terms.

Note: It comes with I am intrigued button to get you to like someone, that’s how you can get the attention towards you.


download hinge

So we are talking about some Real relationships here, this one doesn’t list out on a flirting side, the app more or less looks alike tinder but differs in functionality, it’s more precise and smooth.

You can use your Facebook and Instagram profile, and it only allows you to use the official profile to make this app authentic for people who are bold enough to seek a real relationship. No one can text you without getting the match done and you won’t see any inappropriate pictures because of the pictures are used from real Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Note: If you are looking to build some productive relationship than you are reading the right content, it’s also safe for women who seek security and class.


download lovoo

Lovoo uses a slightly different feature and helps you to locate the singles in your area with the help of a special feature called the “Live Radar” which can be used by enabling GPS system.

You can get the facebook or Instagram authentication to use the app and it works on android and iOs both, its similar to Tinder just with a special live radar feature to give a twist.

Note: If you love sharing the picture than connecting it to Facebook and Instagram is highly recommended, be safe from a fake profile.

Taste Buds

download taste buds

With some of the unexpected app on this list, we have something for everyone, now this app is more or less dedicated to music lovers.

It’s a new way to find people of your choice who match your taste in music. You can make a new profile or connect your Facebook profile, people who have some choice in music will get connected and that how the matching works. It does have some issues with finding your last matched history and app only plays clips, but overall it’s a fresh new way to find a match because everyone loves music and your taste practically defines your personality.

Note:  It’s an amazing app worth to try if you love music. Also, Check Best Hookup Apps!


It is all out there, the one you are seeking, best possible ways in to give it a try, try the best one according to your need and we hope our suggestions works, just stay safe from gold digger and fake people who can spoil all the fun rest assured your time will be well utilized to have a great time.