Looking for a date online? Check out our latest dating apps of 2017 and find a plus one easily to have relationship on your terms.


But how can I find a date this Christmas? I know right, it seem difficult to find one when you are all busy with the year wrapping up and all the preparation but the love apps I am about to mention are going to be  really helpful and I guess there is no way you haven’t heard about these insanely popular dating apps which are a major craze recently.  I am not sure whether you are aware of all the five which our research team picked out after months of the survey and personal experience. I will give you all the dating hacks for these five love apps to make you a pro.

You would probably want to judge the dating app with by the quantity of its crowd but let me tell you a secret, the crowd doesn’t decide I the app is reliable for you or not. There is definitely something call luck, which I truly believe in and I know you do too which is why you are reading this today. Take a look at five of the best pick this year.

1.Tinder- Available for Android and iOS


Tinder by far has been the best for dating, hook-ups, and a lot more; it has a gigantic database of singles looking to date and most of all it’s free which make this app an ultimate pick. Tinder comes with the extremely easy user interface and it’s brilliant when it comes to authentication because you can easily get your Instagram or Facebook linked to tinder as an authentication procedure.

The matching pattern followed by tinder is GPA so that it’s easier for a user to find a perfect match and meet up people around you. The mechanism of tinder is easy and it got trending like a wildfire once people knew how to use friendly it actually is, you swipe right if you like a profile or swipe left you to dislike one. If both the parties swipe right then it’s a match which strengthens the chances of you finding a date.

Tinder is taken to be no.1 among the other love apps and it’s, fortunately, free, so if you are still wondering where to start your online date hunt, get started with tinder to give a kick start to your Christmas weekend.

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2. Juamo app- Available for Android iOS


Juamo dating app is probably one of the uncommon one yet it has been rated as 4.5 by google playstore due to its easy user interface. The mechanism of this app works just like any other dating app where you will have to make the bio first with the relevant details after which you can find your match according to that algorithm, this love app makes it easy for you to meet new people or get hooked up.

The second thing you would want to know is about the security and safety of this app because you will be updating your info and find dates and make contacts so just so you know jaumo keep all the information about your location and personal details to be a secret.

So you can easily get yourself registered with this brilliant love app because every day 50,000 members get added to find their perfect match.

3. OkCupid – Available for Android iOS


OkCupid is considered to be one of the best flirting apps of 2017 and it’s been tested personally by our research team to give you a fair review. OkCupid has been in the limelight due to its easy user-friendly mechanism and some people even call it to be a replica of tinder but there are few differences which make this app a lot different than tinder. The authentication is not done through a facebook account so you are not under pressure or there isn’t any hard and fast rule to attach your facebook, you can always get the authentication done via Instagram that too if you wish to else it’s easy to just make a profile but there is always an advantage if you have your Instagram account because you get to fill in few list of questions which contributes a great deal in finding you relevant match-ups.

You are free to message anybody and there is  absolutely no holding back, but there is one downside that you have to go through a large bulk of profile to go through, and if you are using the free version of OkCupid then be prepared to find an alternative to deal with creeps because you don’t get any option to block in the free version.

4. Coffee meets bagel- Available for Android and iOS

coffee meets bagel

Coffee meets bagel has the most interesting concept of matching you than all the rest dating app, and it been really famous for smartphones because of its easy to carry interface, wondering what it is?

Well, as interesting as it may sound the feature does gives their user a unique suggestion of bagel, It important to get the authentication done with facebook because then it suggests you a match from your mutual friends and friends of friends.

Once you are suggested a bagel both the parties have to like each others profile to start the conversation, the conversation lasts for a week after which it disappears so once you really like a person to get their alternative contacts to stay in touch.

There are a lot more to this app than just dating, you can earn beans and use them to get the premium option, and you can collect maximum beans by inviting your friends. if you ask me, it does stand a good chance to match you with relevant dates so don’t think twice about using this perfect app.

5. Bumble- Available for Android and iOS


Bumble on our list rates the 5th yet it does have few similar features with tinder, and it’s thoroughly brilliant for any user. If you are looking for a date this weekend or simply want to hook up, trust Bumble and get yourself registered with this amazing app.

It really helps guys because it’s designed in a way to let the female massage first and start a conversation so all the boys out there, it’s a good app to get started. It follows the same thing of the suggestion fading away after 24 hours if you don’t act but you will land upon another match.

But if the girl really like the guy and there isn’t any response, you can extend the time by 24 hours more, so that’s how this app works, overall it’s an amazing place to be and Bumble takes care of its users security pretty seriously so you don’t really have to worry about the privacy.

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Safety First: As much as every individual want someone special and relevant to be matched with, there are always chances to get something on your way when it comes to online dating and when it comes to these love apps, no matter how amazing and brilliant the app is its 5% population always contributes to creeps and unwanted crowd that’s adds up to the decent population of people.

So once you get yourself a date, just make sure you are perfectly sure about the person and don’t forget to have a backup plan to deal with unwanted problems because of safety first when you are setting up a real date with a person you met online.

There have been uncountable cases where there is no going back and all a person is left with are regrets, I don’t care if you are a boy reading this or a girl just make sure to be safe.

No wonder I gave reviews for these love ups with the hint of some personal experience, and and it’s amazing to get yourself available to the crowd with endless possibilities to make sure you get into one of those with a [positive attitude and have fun.

All the five apps are booming with popularity and it gives its user amazing opportunities to meet new people and explore so once you think of dating with one of the best apps of 2017, get yourself registered with one of these and if you need any help with pickup lines or creating a stand out bio search for out other articles which contributes vastly to all the solution related to dating, be safe and enjoy your stay in these apps.