Best New Dating Apps of 2017 Latest Edition! – Hookup apps

“Dating apps…do they work?” They might not for many. But again, for many, it may just be what they were looking for. With the huge success of dating and flirting apps like Tinder & Jaumo, many new apps have come up with the right solutions for introverts like me.

It is never easy to walk up to your crush and tell them straight up what you are feeling. With a dating app, it is. You don’t need to rehearse in front of the mirror or ask your friends how to approach the person you like. So introverts unite! (Also the contradictory)

Here is a list of top 5 dating apps that caused a lot of buzz in online dating this 2017. Though our beloved Tinder is not on the list, these five apps have been sweeping people off their feet ever since they came. They are awesome alternatives to most common dating apps and also, have come with multiple ways for you to meet your perfect crush (or more).

1. Want to seal the deal in a week? Try Coffee Meets Bagel

download Coffee Meets Bagel

The first app makes it to my list is new dating app called Coffee Meets Bagels. The best thing about this app is that is more reliable than other dating or hook-ups app. Here you can find the type of guy you want for dating as it is less aggressive than most out there. So if coffee I what you want, then coffee it is.

You just have to install the app and link it to your Facebook. The registration process is pretty quick. Fill in your details, add your picture (It’s totally safe.) and you’re done!

What’s so unique about it?

It finds you a bagel everyday at 12 PM. The suggestion is made from your FB friend’s mutual list. Everyday a new suggestion is made for you from the mutual friend list and next suggestion will be given to you the next day.

You have to like the bagel but the other person has to like the bagel back so that you and your interest can message each other. You can ignore the bagel if you do not like the suggestion. The next day again the app will show you a new suggestion.

The fun part?

You can extend the app for the next day too if you like in case you cannot message the same day.

Coffee Meets Bagel lets you carry on the conversation for only one week. That is the safest way as everything gets sorted whether you want to carry the conversation through some other way or not- purely your choice.

The app is supported in both Android and iOS and is absolutely free for download.

2. Find your type in a swipe – OK Cupid

download OK Cupid

OK Cupid is another app that is similar to the famous dating app Tinder. The app’s privacy super so doesn’t be worried about a thing. Download the app and connect it to your FB or Instagram and you’re all set.

Here you have to fill up your bio though after which OK Cupid will ask you to answer some questions. This is done just so that the app can find you people of “your type”.

You can use both the free and premium versions. If you use the app for free then too there aren’t any fewer features than in the paid version. You may have to open the images of people to see a larger size though which kind of sucks.

You have to use your GPS though that will let your crush find you. It will allow you to be found by some people who live close to you. That really settles everything. There’s no long distance relationship possible here so forget the agony of your crush being far away. Well, technology does help in numerous ways. Need some personality tips? Here are Dating Tips: 6 personality tips to make you Hot and Attractive.

3. Get them dance on your beats – Taste Buds

download taste buds

Talk about fun in many ways. This one is my favorite on the list. Have you secretly imagined slow dancing with your partner on a candlelight dinner? Well, it may not be Christmas yet but Santa has heard you. Taste Buds lets you find your partner or date (or whatever sugary label that suits their face) as per your taste in music.

So you can actually meet people who love the same genre of music as you and are ready to groove with you. *winks*

It’s very simple to use Taste Buds and find people with similar taste. Here you have to link your account with FB then you just have to list your taste in music and the app will find people who live around you with similar preferences.

Thumbs down? It won’t work on your android.

You have to put a picture though, or you will be deleted. This happening app is used by over 500,000 people at present. So… that’s a lot of taste buds.


4. Hinge

download hinge

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. I bet that’s what Hinge must be saying ever since it came in 2016 and blew the roof with its latest buzz.

Like many other apps, Hinge uses FB authentication. You will get suggestions from your mutual friends. The suggestions are made as per some of your common interests. This could help you find people who can get along with you very well.

There are few things that are not so cool though. Like, it shares the FB bio of your profile to get you a good match. Searching people via common interests may cut out those who are different than you and maybe very interesting.

Minor glitches, this app has been here for quite some time and is very much loved. You can get it for free and it works on android too.



Made beautifully, this app is fairly new. Still, it has been gaining a lot of popularity in a quick time. will ask you to fill in your details and add your images. Then you can look for your date on many platforms. There’s no match option here so you have to find people yourself.

What’s different?

You can check out events happening around you. Then you can do your date hunt by looking at people and which event they are attending.

Here you have to send a request to your choices by the way. So, No stalkers- whatever you choose. Clever indeed…

There are some important things that does. You can avail the advanced features by paying but can still use some filters for a basic refined search.

What else to keep in mind so you don’t lose your mind?

These apps are not all that are out there. But they definitely are a great place, to begin with, or end up rather than overcrowded apps that are now almost outdated. These apps are suggested to make your life interesting and enjoy your time. This is just a review after reading many experiences.

It is also very obvious that there are few things that you will have to keep in your mind by you and only you- Never share your location till you have seriously thought about it, Do not buy and sell on dating app. There are separate apps for buying groceries. Also, do not share your ATM pins or bank cards or similar stuff unless the enchantment has taken you too far. You are responsible for your own safety and security.

This is also being written having no connection with the apps or any names mentioned above.

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