Top 6 Dating Apps for Lesbians -More Than a Hookup

We know you have been on the search so Get hooked with some of best lesbian dating apps around this year, Exclusive for LGBTQ

Honestly dating isn’t easy, but the world has moved into a different dimension altogether with an open-minded individual who is ready to embrace truth without a filter, and when it comes to lesbian dating be assured that we understand what you have been eagerly looking for. That one partner who is going to make everything right and it is hard to find so here is where you should get started. We took the liberty in assembling some of the best dating apps for lesbians for you.

This list is confined based on personal experiences of people that we surveyed and its absolutely safe because every app maintains the security of its users and they are both available on Android and ios so if you have iPhone, don’t worry about it.


















First on our list is the best of them all, because it has really worked dedicatedly to get together the crowd who are exclusive LGBTQ. There have been issues previously when people and profile who were even close to being in the category so the app took a step towards kit and every user have to connect to their Facebook account for authentication from where the app does all the sorting.

Like another dating app, you will be able to connect to a large circle of friends of the same community starting with you have to make your profile and fill in your bio, you will be able to send hearts to each other and it also has features to let you read the articles related to LGBTQ.

Note: it updates you about upcoming events and parties around you, all submitted by their community to make meetups easy for you.


OkCupid has been really popular around the LGBTQ circle because of its high flexibility algorithm, it serves 12 sexual orientation and around 20 gender makers to choose from which make it an ultimate pick for gay and lesbians.

The mechanism of OkCupid is not complicated at all , you have to sign in and make your profile after which you will be asked a set of question, based on your answer the app will find matches for you and you can find people based on ethnicity, religion, location, age, height, smoking, drinking, you name it.

So it has a lot to offer due to its flexible workings, plus it’s all free and available on both android and ios

Note: You can have unlimited chats and in OK Cupid they have a feature that stops you from seeing the straight people which is a great filter to maintain your privacy.

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The hinge is tinder like the app and it’s immensely popular for straight and lesbian dating both; it creates a real connection and gets you to meet new people of the same community. You will have to get your profile integrated with Facebook for authentication only then it would work and once you are done making the profile the app will suggest you friends who are only interested in girls.

Unlike Tinder, this app shows you more compatible matches according to your profile which in turn doesn’t let you waste time on swiping through unsuitable profiles for hours.

Note: it is famous to create real-life meetups rather than lingering on messenger so it makes this app even more suitable.


It an innovative video dating app that has collected high ratings in Google play store, it is specially developed for lesbians and bisexuals where you can find ladies of the same community from around the world. It has fresh and smart features which allow you to participate in world chat and if you like the picture or the person you can click to thumbnail and check out her profile, bio, likes and dislikes. It also gives you option to personal chat with another user you like.

This app helps you socialize in group chat, make new friends, socialize and much more but its nothing like tinder, due to its unique chat feature it has become popular but the downside is that you may not find related people near your area much.

Note: This app doesn’t have a huge database so initially we would recommend you to not go for any paid subscription.


Bumble is another great place to meet new people related to your requirement, it’s not specifically built for same-gender people but it has also planted in some option with “interests” which doesn’t stop straight people to join the app.

The mechanism is a bit unique though where the girl has to make the first move, so in this case, guys won’t have to wait for an eternity to chat. For same gender people, either of the two can make the first move that entirely depends on how you fill in the details while you sign in. The connection that you will be suggested according to your match will last for 24 hours after which it will disappear but overall it’s a fun app. Bumble also has a social blog named BeeHive which displays good reading material related to all topics and has got huge blog audience.

Note: make sure to stay safe from gold diggers and criminals, that can spoil all the fun


You must be thinking again Tinder; we saved the obvious for the last because after all, Tinder has a gigantic database and with the growing popularity with time it has opened its options to lesbians and bisexuals too. Initially, Tinder was only popular with straight people but this app evolved with time with a huge fan following, the mechanism of this app is very interesting and easy.

You swipe right if interested and swipe left if not interested, the only downside of tinder would be that it is overcrowded and girls hardly take any initiative in communication but other than that it’s widely popular for a reason that it really works. We’ve got some Best Tinder Hacks that could make you lucky tonight! Must try!

Note: You just have to bear with swiping of the straight profiles because there is no feature to stop them yet.

So these, in turn, are some of the best LGBTQ dating apps that you can try your hands on, though we have put in lesbians in limelight and it’s entirely dedicated to them go ahead girl, get the one you are seeking, this should be one hell of a dating hunt.