Top 5 Dating Apps Of 2017 -New Edition

Finding a compatible match isn’t suppose to be easy and that’s exactly why we have listed down the best dating apps out of the rest in 2017.

Looking for a modern-day fairy tale? seems impossible isn’t it, that’s because it is yet you are reading this to get started, between all the hassle of professional life and craze for making money some of you forget the most basic essence of life ROMANCE.

Having the world move too fast in every stage of life these days dating hasn’t changed at all, every individual looks out to meet someone special, each one has a different motive and relationship goals so here is how you can actually get started. We collected five of the best-ranked dating apps which are free and absolutely trending, once you read the rest of the content you would know how it certainly works and which one would be fit for you. If at all, try out our rest of the articles because we solely focus on bringing in some extra spark in your life.

Let me list down these dating apps according to its demand because I would hate it if you land up installing a dating app which is not so suitable for your lookout. A date night crisis? Or looking to build a relationship, we got all of it covered, it’s a fright in the beginning, you get anxiety and sleepless night about trusting a guy online and setting a date yet it’s all too common these days and people are crazy about it because it’s working so don’t worry about going for some mainstream trend followed by millions of single individuals because it’s all worth it.

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Top 5 Dating Apps








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Coffee meets Bagel

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Download OkCupid

Cute name, isn’t? I think so too, I mean let me not make this oversweet yet I have got to hand it over to you, Ok Cupid ranks number one at the business insider Dating apps list.

OkCupid deals with almost all kinds of dating, starting from straight singles to gay and lesbians because it has certain features to work out according to how you require the service. A no-nonsense dating app with humongous database enough to find you that one individual who is going to match your frequency.

Having someone on the same page once you start talking is almost like getting halfway in your relationship destination. To work it out, find out more interesting facts and features about this dating app that can take you to where you belong.

  • Sign up process gets you in and it’s pretty easy, you have just got to build your profile in few steps with related questions and that’s all about it.
  • Its free so you are under no pressure to buy a premium membership
  • You can try to upgrade to get extra features added on like message storage, hidden browsing and more
  • OkCupid is going to find you a quick match, so lazy people who don’t like reading much are on the safe side because this dating app will spoon feed you with compatible matches.

I don’t think there is any need to tell you about creeps and spammers running around in free dating sites for casual sex and much more unspeakable things, lets just keep it simple for you, Be careful while you talk or date or meet and am not being racist it applies to men and women and whoever is reading to get the plan in action.


Download Happn

Its unique yet little activity required, Happn doesn’t match you according to the algorithm and swipe left, swipe right. It’s going to match you while you walk pass by an individual, sounds dreamy isn’t? I mean how many time have you really has an encounter with someone but couldn’t take it forward for god know whatever reason, So Happn just made a steaming entry with this next level matchmaking idea which actually seems to work which is why the developers are banging their head with over 10 million users and counting.

It gives you a radius of 250 m so now when you are around any business area just trust happn and follow your intuitions. Happn became very popular due to its different mechanism and twists to find the matches, it’s interesting and it really works which is why you are reading this.

  • Happn does the matchmaking through its GPS system and you can find an individual passing by who might be a match for you
  • The features also shares the mutual interests that might be compatible with the required person
  • And one of the most basic of them all, a user can only talk to one another when they like each other’s profile.

You can worry about the security on the latter part because happn make you talk to people who have physically passed you by yet being safe has to be a top priority for any user provided with the kind of instances happening around off lately.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Download Coffee meets Bagel

This dating app is considered to be much laid back than the rest yet the mechanism is pretty interesting which makes it unique. It’s again an algorithm based dating app which gives a platform interact in a really user-friendly way if you are looking to be matched traditionally with your interests and other things than coffee meets bagel is not what you need, the idea that these dating app shares are peppier yet worth a shot.

Logging in to this dating app will require authentication with facebook account in order to find the friends of your friends to match a bagel after which you will be suggested a bagel which is going to last for 24 hours after that if you seem uninterested you will be suggested another bagel. Starting a conversation is not tricky yet keeping hold of the contacts are, if you really like someone then better have their alternative social media contact because, after 1 week, all your conversations get erased.

  • This dating app even rewards you just for using the app by providing you with beans which can be later on used.
  • If you are a guy looking for good females then chances are you are going to love this app because it is said to have the highest rate of female users
  • The mechanism is simple and easy to carry out and you would know once you are a member.
  • There is nothing to worry about premium membership because it’s free.

This dating app takes care of your security, all your private information is safeguarded and there are no chances of any leakage yet being alert from your end wouldn’t hurt.


Download Bumble

Bumble is a clear-cut dating app focused on female taste more and instantly gained popularity and works similarly as tinder. Bumble let the female make the first move which makes the men out there pretty relieved from the How to approach the question.

Here on bumble, a match has to be mutual so that the conversation can go further and undoubtedly the women initiate the conversation first, this dating app can be no different if you have no flare to get to know people because getting registered on a dating site needs a little patience.

The navigation is very simple where you have to swipe left or right depending on your interests, this dating app gives more control to women as compared to men also it makes the females work more around this dating app because of the methodology.

  • The profile login procedure is pretty easy to handle and short.
  • The registration needs facebook authentication yet follows a very easy registration process
  • Comes up with a large database to give uncountable options to interact
  • Comes with a time limitation which helps to interact more efficiently

The dating app uses a number of the privacy policy to help the user to safeguard and keep the private information safe and secure. The ultra reasonable security measures use firewall to protect the safety of every individual.


Download Tinder

Tinder is considered GOD Like in the dating site business and it’s one of the top dating apps rated in the lifestyle category, it’s simple, it has an easy interface and it is making over 9 million matches every day. Many might be thinking what makes tinder so popular regardless of the fact that there is not much innovation in the functioning of tinder.

Tinder even has a premium member who uses this dating site seriously and pays for it.

From past few years, tinder has really contributed to the era of dating online and somehow has a huge fan following, even though few people really ruin the reputation of this dating app but still the magic works because it been matching two separate individuals from one end to another.

The features of tinder were the first thing that got the attention of millions of users and created the concept of wiping right or left according to your requirement.

  • The mechanism is very user-friendly and helps the user to get the registration done in a simplified way
  • A user gets a number of options to get connected to one another via several different social networking sites, like insta, facebook and more.
  • Tinder gives you a passport to get the match done in the different area of the countries.
  • If you are thinking to join then you might be someone among the other 25 million users, the database is that massive.

To be aware of the fact that no dating site can guarantee you 100% security so make sure you take care of your privacy and information to avoid any complications.

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top 5 dating apps

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Having read the brilliant features and innovative mechanism of every dating app make sure you choose the right app to find a compatible match. Because dating is never easy, yet here we trying to make it simpler for you.