6 Good-looking Tips to Make You Hot and Attractive

How to be the hot and handsome guy? How to naturally look and feel the most attractive girl? Get the best ways to look charming and have everyone notice you with these 6 good-looking tips.

We have seen everything from women wearing glitters on their faces, to men doing their brows. People have tried quirky, crazy things to stand out from the crowd time and again. But we just can’t boil down beauty hacks that are bound to work for everybody.

You may have spent countless hours in front of the mirror deciding what is ‘yay’ and what is ‘nay’ for you. Well, we hear that sigh you send out even after trying the best stuff from makeup blogs to the latest trend in the town. We all have been there and so we can empathize.

Who doesn’t want to look hot and attractive? I’m sure we all do. But how many of us realize looking hot isn’t all about looks. That is why I have put down certain tried and tested ways that are sure to help you level up your hotness quotient without breaking a sweat. Once you feel confident and sexy, try the Best Hookup apps!

1. Confidence is Sexy

confidence is sexy

Have you ever seen in those movies where a person walks into the room and all heads turn? There is something about that person when they walk into a room… or the very actress you admire. They all have one secret but a common element to the brew-‘Confidence’.

You don’t have to be a Lady Gaga or to fit into a particular mold to look attractive with whatever you wear. Think about it. We are all different. Why not own your uniqueness?

While many around you are trying to be someone else, respect yourself.

Confidence is charming. Be it the shy girl at the café or the guy who wouldn’t look at anyone else, confidence is something that gets through everyone’s glasses. Wear confidence as you high heels. But be careful not to overdo it- you want to skip a heartbeat not to appear a daunting challenge that will make you unreachable.

2. Enhance with Makeup

enhance with makeup

Another way to highlight your features is to use makeup. This doesn’t mean that makeup is a “must have” to look attractive. Makeup can make or break the deal. You don’t want to date someone and see another person after they’ve washed their face, do you? It goes the same way around.

Moderation. Period.

Skincare is a major factor to look good without applying any makeup. Some people like makeup which is good. But wouldn’t you rather apply makeup to bring out your best features that to hide certain ‘flaws’? Makeup is to complement healthy skin, not to complicate it.

Try out from the basics to see what helps you get the hot look you want to flaunt. Check the right color for your skin tone and lip color to bring out the oomph factor. When you’re confident with what you are wearing and what it is portraying, expect the temperature to rise.

3. Fashion Trends are a Bonus

There are too many trends that come and go like the weather. While many may not make sense to you, they bring you tons of options to try from. Look at some of the trends and roll them under your hood. Try out multiple styles and pair things up to make your own trend. Understand your own fashion requirements.

4. A Smile Takes it an Extra Mile

I am not suggesting you bat your eyelashes. A simple smile makes you look tens of times more attractive and exportable than.

  • It makes you approachable 

A smile makes you approachable by anyone. From a shy to a daunting person, you open the door to many possibilities. A confident person with a smile, what more should I say.

  • Now You’re Nicer

A confident person who cannot make you feel like you can reach out to them is a no-no. It is definitely hot to be a tough person to get, but coming across as too hot may get you some negative points here.

  • The Hot Factor

Get back to your pile of magazine and check out the hottest people you come across. Check out what they do commonly. See what I’m talking about?

5. Explore Your Style

explore your style

You don’t need to have a knack for style to pull this off. There are ways to know what is for you and what is not. Remember- you are beautiful. And that will do half the deal. When you are aware of your perfection, it shines through. Now how to let it out in your clothing?

  • Understand your body type

and try what works the best for it. Does a v-neck makes you feel okay in it or would you try a different collar? Explore new accessories and different styles. You might miss out on discovering all the things that work for you if you don’t try them out.

  • Your clothes should make you feel comfortable…

If it makes you choke take it off, if the fabric pinches, take it off, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, take it off. If you are not confident about what you are wearing, it will be visible sooner or later. But don’t overdo with an oversize. Take your time and see if you can get used to your new look.

6. When You Feel Good, You Look Good

Feel Good Look Good

When you are feeling better, you naturally look better. It is important that you follow the basic rules of well-being. Get sufficient sleep, remain skin hydrated, eat healthily, and so on. You cannot expect to look attractive and definitely not hot when you yourself are not feeling the same.

When you feel healthy, it shows. So take care of your basic health and dedicate some time every day to maintain this. Maybe a simple daily skin regime, or a daily walk to get some fresh air, try and maintain it. No matter what you do, keep up with it. Consistency is attractive.

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So, there you have it. These are some of the easiest ways to step up your hotness level and level up your personality. These ways to look hot and attractive are so simple. And the best part… they all come naturally from any person. There is nothing plastic about it. So take a deep breath and take it on from here. We bid you adieu.