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Not sure what to say to a girl you like, then here is some smart conversation starter pack.

It’s okay to be afraid. If you ask me talking to a girl is not as easy as it seems. You make the wrong move or set the wrong tone, you are dead meat to her. Take it from me, I have been there done that. Don’t waste your money on those expensive shirts, because confidence is the real turn on for girls. So take a deep breath and calm yourself, my man. Learning how to talk to a girl has quite a learning curve to it. But once you master the technique, you’ll never have to go home alone.

As a guy, there are few soft corners you can hit on a girl. The trick is to locate them.

Now all you need to do is go through some of the best conversation starters you can use so that you don’t end up like your best friend. Here are some few steps are given to you so that you can ease yourself into a conversation with a girl the next time you are at a party.

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Smart guide on How to Converse with a Girl


1. If you have her number, text her

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If you happen to score her number at a party, just draw up some courage and send her a short text. “Hey” for a start, or “remember!”. Don’t just sit on it and wait for a miracle. Girls like a bit of confidence in a man. Once you break the ice, it gets a whole lot easier. But don’t get all creepy about it. Don’t bug her every now and then, if you do that you will freak them out. Once you have texted her, don’t be naive, but wait for her reply before texting back. In some cases, it might take days. Be patient with it. Once you get the reply, don’t reply back that instant, wait a few hours. It will build the anxiety in her, and then it is easy sailing from there.


2. Raise your glass when at a bar

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You go to the bar with your friends every now and then, but end up coming home all alone. Ever wonder why? That’s because you are not raising your glass, my man. It’s a bar rule my friend, ever since the middle ages. You have to raise the glass to get the chick. So the next time you are at a bar, and you see a girl you like. Just show her your confidence and raise that beer mug at her, and don’t forget to her. Because if you do that without a smile, it’s going to seem that you are trying to murder her. So yeah! There is absolutely no harm in some, in the air Cheers!!. It’s a classic conversation starter, and the best part about it is that it’s completely discrete. So even if you get shot down, the chances are that no one will no, and you can move on to the next.


3. Take Common angles

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Now that you have broken the ice, are you wondering what moves to next? It is pretty simple, start with some common topics. A place for instance or one of your common friends. Its allowed to make fun of your friend when trying to score. That way you get to build up the situation and take it from there. In between small talks, throw in some personal information, for example, your phone number. If you run out of common topics, look around you and improvise. Use your surrounding as your conversation starter. Use the music playing around you as a topic to talk on. Even if there is a fight, use it to your advantage. You have to think on your feet. Eventually, you will end up talking to each other.


4. Know what’s happening around you

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Don’t just stand there like a noob when you come face to face with your crush at your college reunion party. If you don’t know what to say, just start off with a casual Hi!! And talk about some current affairs if you may. That should get her attention. To some girls out there-there is nothing more attractive than a well-informed guy. So make sure to go through the morning daily before going out to meet someone. That way you have more diverse topics you can talk about. After you are done talking about current affairs, talk about each other. That’s how simple it is to start a conversation with a girl.


5. Ask for her opinion

This is one technique that you can try on girls in groups. There are some few steps included in it. The first thing you have to do is an approach that group with the cute one and engage them in a conversation with a random topic or a topic of your choice. When the conversation heats up, you ask your girl about her opinion. That way you separate her from the lot and engage with her directly. Exchange points and don’t be afraid to disagree. Trust me on this one, she’ll love it if you take her for an argument. So that by the time you exchange numbers, you are deeply planted in her memory.


6. Outlast the awkwardness

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Whenever you approach a girl, there are bound to be some awkwardness. The trick is to outlast the awkwardness. Making a conversation with a girl is all about making those small changes, that is why you have held in tight during those awkward moments. Don’t slack on the job, look confided when you are talking to her. Make sure you are looking at her face when talking to her and not anywhere below. This eases and builds confidence in them. This way you let her be free with you, and during the course of the conversation, you exchange numbers.

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7. Build a bridge or contribute to the conversation

Once you get started with the conversation, don’t just let the girl do all the talking. Conversation is all about given and take. That’s what makes a random conversation interesting. You contribute some points and so does the girl. This way you build up a conversation about nothing. Sure this takes practice but you’ll get perfect with time. The best part about this is that you have the ability to steer the conversation the way you want. So that, in the end, you get to go home with her.


8. Be a storyteller

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Girls like a good laugh now and then. So think about some funny story or some incident you can share with her. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself if you are looking to pick her up. Let her know about a funny incident on which you both can have a good laugh. You can share some memories from your high school days. These type of topic are a good fire starter for any conversation. You never know you can come up with some common grounds when having such a conversation. Be a storyteller some sort, because you are going to remember this moment.


9. Be a player

Don’t be confused on this part, you are not a player yet, but I take it you know how to play tic tac toe right. So make sure to use it. A simple random game can strike a major conversation if you play the right cards. Next time you see a maiden of your dreams over the counter. If you are not sure what to say first, try out a game of tic tac toe. You will be amazed how surprised she would be. After you have made you move, take the conversation further by buying her a drink.


10. Place a bet

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Placing a bet to start a conversation works almost every time. If you see the girl you like at a party, and you are unaware what move to make next. Why don’t you try to place a silly bet and then get her a drink? Look, don’t be afraid, this is completely legal if you know what you are doing. You have to be witty to strike out a conversation using that situation.


11. Close the deal

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If you are reading this then you are now fully educated on how to start a conversation with a girl. Whether you are at a party or a pub, make it a deal to go home with the hottest one from the crowd. Use these tips wisely, and you are sure to score big. So chin up gentlemen, be the man you are born to become.

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