100+ Best Tinder Openers For Boys Girls (100% Reply Back Guarantee!)

Let tinder pick up lines put a spell on those girls or boys you are seeking, best of the best words chosen to break the ice. Let’s find you the right Tinder openers.

WORDS, that’s all you need to arrange to pick up a date. I mean over the years it’s like an ultimate mojo regardless of any population reading this. I have got to hand it over to you it’s not just getting yourself liked and loved by someone, there’s always more to it. If it’s about tinder pick up lines, I can easily set up standards for you to get a date, have a good weekend, but come on are you really looking to imprint on someone without any blazing spark?

Guess not, I thought so. Well, let’s start with showing how to put best pickup lines for a boy so all the guys out there reading this, don’t you dare switch to another tab because you really need to see how girls function. Sometime before writing something to a girl you might have wondered zillion times but there isn’t anything like that, infect girls love daring guys. Now by daring, I don’t mean go out and invite her to blow you with your first text, dude be sensible, you are going to put yourself on her “Stay away from the creep” list. I am working hard to get you a date here, cooperate.

 Pick up lines for girls

How can I explain this, let me see, First just throw away your girlish, pinkish, innocent face mask that you wear for Thanksgiving in front of your folks, I mean please if you are going to be on tinder, just be the real self? Everyone plays a total babe off tinder so now when you are out of that teddy bear, bff mode read this with a sly smile and do use them to get yourself a date this weekend, and sweety by date I don’t mean pick out anybody who gets impressed, if you are reading me make sure you pick out best of the best, don’t just settle anything less than a replica of Jensen Ackles or come on choosing your favorite, that’s mine.

1. You earned this right swipe, don’t know how many time I had swiped left to get hold of you

2.I have been having a crush on you from last 45 minutes

Aweee, this one just makes my heart melt, who wouldn’t want to reply to this cute aka honest text, I would bro totally.

3. Somehow I have begun to believe in love at first swipe

4. I imagine you shirtless like for almost every 5 sec in 1 minute

5. My BFF tells me I’m and with numbers, I want to find out if I will remember yours

It gets cute isn’t, when girls are all in the front row, taking charge but there is always a fine line between being smart and sounding desperate. So make sure to be smart yet away from the D word, continue reading to get the entire gist

6. That kind of witness is next level to handle for boys sometimes

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7.  Is your nickname wifi cuz I am totally feeling the connection

8. I love your shirt, can I try it on on our first date anniversary.

9. Be a sport, ask me out for a date

10. Hope you are not a vegetarian, cuz I would really like to meet you

11. Do you love Coffee? Cuz Your looks are steaming hot

12. How many times have you pictured me naked after we matched?

13. As cute and smart as it can get

Tinder Openers

14. No left swipes could keep us apart

15. I think I’m falling for you

16. Let me guess you have a great personality

17. If you are a fan of harry potter you would know I Dumbledore you.

18. It’s nice to see your picture because it reminds me I am not the only one that’s Hot here.

19. It might be winters yet your picture still warms my hearts

20. Babe this match made me sleepless

The adore game can get a lot more intense once you know how to put things across, I mean copy pasting my lines here wouldn’t land you up on a coffee table across a handsome hunk until you really put it some humor brain into your words when you want to pick out boys. Their brain starts working when they are hit at the right place which for 80% of the times starts below their navel.

21. Magic yo caution: Use this line at your own risk

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22. You did this to me with our match

23. You look cozy and I love spooning

24. My Pets is going crazy to meet you, hope you are an animal lover

25. You look swell, are you a fan of Thor?

26. If you are a vegetable, you’and be a cutecumber

27. Halloween pick up line

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28. Celebrity lovers pick up lines

Tinder Openers

29.If you are a fan

Tinder Openers

30. If you are a music lover

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31. You are Invited

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32. You are smoking hot to be single, I can help you change that

33. For frozen fans

Tinder Openers

34.I love pizza but you will have to get it to my bedroom

35.I guess we can get along, me doing the first move and you just sitting there looking cute

36. If game of thrones is your thing, we can choke on popcorn and watch the latest season together

37. Might seem creepy yet

38. How free are you tonight cuz I am baking my place

39. Tinder does give access to precious things these days, I figured after seeing your photo album

40.Before we date, you don’t mind me flirting with you right?

41. You say date? I’d say but coffee first

42. Hope you love Coldplay because after looking at your picture I feel ‘ I want something just like this”

43. you love pets

Tinder Openers

44.Am a huge fan of Titanic, if you were a ship I would love to be an iceberg

45. Valentines are knocking next year, don’t be lazy and ask me out

46.It’s a yes for me if you are thinking of a date

47. Could this be love? Am not Rapunzel but still, i would love you for pulling my hair

48. Love or not, it’s insane to be thinking of you all the time, treat me

49. Totally off the charts, i have been, I guess you can change that.

50. I love traveling, you can take me around

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That’s not it, I mean being a girl if you can’t think of some extremely sly and double meaning pick up lines than what does your girlish brain works for? The above-mentioned opening lines are some of the creation keeping in mind the obvious situations yet you can always make your, and not something to keep thinking and tearing your hair off for.

Really depends on the kind of person that comes across for you to swipe, and then there is the time you start crushing a guy or rather a picture of a guy and are too shy to put down few words together that can build up to a conversation. So i am going to give you some honest suggestion over texting a guy first because some have a very vague idea of girls texting first. It’s absolutely fine, rather guys appreciate it when they find a message in their godforsaken inbox.

You can always take charge and forward the first step if you like a guy, it’s not a crime for god sake and when you come to dating world don’t hide behind and play safe. I am not saying go around screwing every person you come across or get attracted to but don’t restrain yourself from doing things that you dearly want to because of life’s too short to live inside a cave.

 Pick up lines for Boys

Boys are a different story altogether, I mean hey you are reading one but there is this thing called “Date” that boys really look forward to with the first right swipe on tinder itself. If you are good looking then half of your labor work is spared but in case you fall in that 40% of average looking male population of US than buddy you have gotta work on your pick up lines big time.

There is always something new and trending yet creating your own pickup lines depends in an individual brain mechanism and also how you can play with words, so if you are simply thinking of copy-pasting then please do but remember creativity can take you next level with dating. After you finally have a date, you might get a guide over “from date night to Bedroom” but if you are planning to leave your creativity inside your sock drawer then brother you better read other articles on our website which explains every aspect related to dating. For now, just read the remaining portion to get hold of the pickup lines to attract girls.

1.How many dinner dates would it take to make you say yes when I finally propose.

2.Do you want to know what’s beautiful? Go ahead and read the first word again

3.For the fun side of you

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4. That’s just too cute for a girl to not reply

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5. As cheesy as it sounds

Tinder Openers

6. Girls totally love over sweet sometimes

Tinder Openers

7. Your nickname must have been Gillette because you seem to be the best a man can get

8.Do you gobble lucky charms because you look amazingly delicious

9. Your profile is F5 key because I feel refreshed after 30 mins of stalking

10. You must be a fan of windows because I would really want to crash your place tonight

11. You definitely were an angel in past life because I love your divine texture work.

12. You seem to be my type

13. That’s for a first sight crush on tinder

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14.I would love us to be nothing because then we would last forever

15. Hope you believe in love at first swipe

16. Your picture library looks like a Netflix homepage, I can’t stop checking them out

17. We matched, you’re single, I am single, you think it’s a coincidence? I guess not

18. Hope you don’t have a nickname because I would love to call you mine

19.I thought to copy paste a good cheesy pick line then I was like Nahhh, she is too good for that, so babe would you like to go on a date?

20. For an utterly insane crush over a girl, buddy you have got to use this

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21. I love Xbox and you somehow sparc all the switches

Guys if you are really looking to get a date and enhance your relationship status then releasing one single fact is really necessary, chicks dig guys who vomit fancy words, I mean not literally but at the end of the day it’s all about how your mindset clicks with the girl and I don’t think you want to end up with a cute looking gold digger so when you do shoot out these pickup lines or any lines of your creation just make sure you’re hitting on the right girl.

22. Let’s play a game of words and become more than friends

23. How about you wait near screen 1 one and I meet you there with cheesy popcorn in hand, movie date?

24. I just hope you were a router so that I can access high-speed networking all throughout

25.If we date, know that our spark will be like pi. Never ending

26.i desperately need to be rescued because I think I am falling for you

27. That’s how you can sometimes build up a conversation and that just leads to god know SEX may be

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28. My attraction to you is like dividing by zero, it can’t be defined.

29. Your gorgeous looks are well crafted, you must be a masterpiece.

30. Looks like your parents are engineers, your features are well-designed babe

31. Pardon my language but all I can focus on is your smooth curves I would love exploring

32. Being a chemistry student back in high school I can say you look smoking hot than a bunsen burner itself

33. I may not be good with history but I would really want to create one with you

34. Some girls are touchy, so say it only when you mean it

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35.I am skeptical of blinking anymore because I fear I would lose you from my site, date me, girl.

36. It’s going to be a super awwwww moment for her. Grill this in boy

Tinder Openers

37.Your hand looks tired, let me hold them for you

38. You know what I would love to see in your hands? My hands and something else too once we is dating

39.If you are short of finding a right match, you can have mine

40.Guess you like pot, because believe me weed look cute together

41. Would coffee date be good? And a sleepover too

42. Would love it if you wanna have breakfast sometime after we are done spending the night together

43. Let Go hiking this weekend girl

44. Looks Like you are my boss already because I just got a raise

45. You face looks as sweet as jelly, I love peanut butter, let’s stick together

46. Do you really want to miss out on a date with me? I love ice creams also I read your profile for the 5th time in a row.

47.Your bone structure just got me a Bo***

48.Girl are you a witch because you seem to make things stand without even touching them, I am a proof

49. You fuse all wires in me, babe you look freaking hot

50. How about you dress in black and I come over to pick you up for the date

Wrapping it up

Having some of the most delicious pickup lines in your pocket aren’t just what can solve all your issues, I mean if you really mean to find a good date on tinder then be real, and it’s all going to be sorted. I am not saying stop being cheesy and just wear a nerdy smile to get a date, girls or boys you folks have to understand the sensitivity of a dating someone.

Tinder thoroughly contributes to helping you find a date, and this article here is going to light up all your imagination on fire because I just gave you 100 most amazing and sexy pickup lines to troll your crush with.

You can do a lot more when it comes to putting down a catchy [pick up the line and know that the way to anybody’s heart is through words, looks yes, I would give them a double check but words have the power to win you over. Don’t they?