Online dating is getting popular with each day passing day, most of the people find it convenient to discover new people to date with the help of dating sites; and when it comes to online dating sites the first name which come to our mind is Tinder. Amongst all the dating sites Tinder is the most popular one.  If you are Single, then you probably should take the help of Tinder.

Tinder is the best dating app that people use all around the world. It’s easy and interesting features lets you meet people near your locality. This app lets the matched users chat and communicate. You can swipe right and swipe left according to your interest and liking. But impressing people with your words is not that simple. Nobody bothers to reply to the boring texts. In this article, we will provide you with some best pickup lines that have ever used on tinder. Hopefully, these lines will help you to start your conversation in a very creative and unique way.

1. Opening Line gone right!



2. Mirror turned T.V!



3. Do you like dragons?



4. You might need a wheelchair! 😉



5. How would you rearrange the alphabets! 😉



6. Are you a good cuddler?



7. Hey! What’s your Name? (Like! Seriously?)



8. Too much adventure, too handle at once!


9. Do you like it Big!


10. Are you my Appendix?


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Here are some more cheesy yet worth trying on pickup lines!

  • You are so pretty. Can I take your picture to show my friends that fairies do exist?
  • Did you just come out of the barbeque, because you are hot and I can feel the heat?
  • Hey! Which is your favourite number? Mine is 69.
  • There is a similarity between me and my couch. Both are comfortable to lie on.
  • Are you a bank loan, because you can have my interest?
  • Thank god that I am wearing gloves, because you are too hot to handle.
  • I think we both have a good taste.
  • King size beds aren’t the only thing that is king size.
  • What all do I need to do to get myself in your drunk dial list.
  • If being good looking was a crime, cops would have taken you to jail long back.
  • Hey! You resemble a lot to a girl I am going to date next.
  • My parents think I am not straight, can you please prove them wrong.
  • Apart from being gorgeous what to you do for your living?
  • Can I have directions, first to your apartment and then to your heart?
  • You should buy me a drink because as soon as I looked at you I spilled mine.
  • Which is your favourite subject? Mine is our chemistry.
  • Are you alcohol? Because I am intoxicated just by looking at you.
  • I think I am in heaven because I am looking at an angel.
  • I don’t know how many times I have to swipe left to finally swipe right to get you.
  • I think I would donate my organ for a good cause; I would donate you my heart.
  • How much money would I need to date you? Coz you look precious.
  • You are approximately as hot as the sun.

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  • Do you want to lose weight? Coz I think we will soon burn some calories together.
  • Are you a vampire, coz I can see that hunger in your eyes when you first looked at me.
  • You are much hotter than a furnace.
  • Girl- I am in a relationship. He- I can surely help you to get out of it.
  • I think I need a doctor. I scraped my knee when I fell for you.
  • Is your name gravity, because I am falling for you?
  • Do you have a map? Coz I am totally lost in your eyes and I need to find my way back.
  • Are you a good driver? Because you are driving me totally crazy.
  • Hey, girl! Are you made of ice? Coz you give me chills.
  • Your beauty made forget my pickup line.
  • Can I save your display picture, to show it to Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • It’s quite unfortunate that we didn’t meet in past, can we make it up by being together in future.
  • Can we go to bed? Our future babies are waiting for us.
  • I don’t want you to stop; I generally don’t find beauty in motion.
  • I have lost all my contacts in my phone book; can I have your number?
  • Is your smile a magnet? Because I can’t escape its pull.
  • Are you a computer virus? Coz every time I look at you your beauty multiplies.
  • Kiss me if I am wrong, but aren’t you Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • I am a gym freak; I would love to try some pushups with you.
  • Are you a good dancer? Coz I want to see how you move tonight!
  • Can I buy you a drink? Coz you seem really thirsty.
  • I am BUYsexual. I would love to buy you a drink and then get sexual.
  • Hey! Can I practice my bathing skills which I learnt in my nursing classes, on you?
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Girl! My body belongs to you.
  • Do you work at KFC? Coz you have got really nice breasts and legs.
  • Are you a full moon? Coz I am turning into a beast.
  • Are you interested in fishing? Coz I think we really need to hook up.
  • Are you of Greek origin? Because you look like a goddess to me!

These are the collections of some common pickup lines that can be used in various situations and which can make the conversation interesting and gripping. Next time before starting a conversation on tinder you should go through these lines which will surely help you to take a person on a date of your choice. What are you waiting for install the app and get started with it, this can actually help you to find your tinder fella and maybe it becomes your tinderella story, who knows!

Best tinder pick up lines